Tuesday 10 November 2009

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Having heard other mums talking about how great the fisherprice jumperoo is and seeing all the glowing reviews it gets online, I decided to get one for my baby.
Firstly I was shocked by the price - I found it to be about £95 on most websites and then I found there were a few variations - rainforest and precious planet being the main ones in the UK along with other brands making similar products.
The more I looked into it, the more I discovered the fantastic
 reviews seem to be for the rainforest jumperoo and not the other ones.

My next challenge was to find one! Turns out they are quite hard to find! I had tried mothercare in bromley and mothercare in orpington but was told that the jumperoo is so popular it can only be ordered in - to me that makes no sense! If it's popular shouldn't they stock it? Also I was a bit miffed as I'd come to the decision to spend £90 on a toy and wanted it that day before I changed my mind about spending so much money on it! I also tried both of bromley's Argos stores but they didn't have it in stock either!

As I was now forced to order one, I set myself the new challenge of finding one at a more reasonable price! After searching the internet I found babies-r-us had £20 off their price making it £72 with postage!

After waiting for delivery I was surprised that when the box arrived there would be a fair amount of building to be done! At first I thought it looked quite complicated but actually, it was quite straight forward.
The instructions were mostly easy to follow and I managed to build it by myself so that's saying something! You don't need any tools really - all the bits clip together, you only need a screw driver to get into the battery compartment and need 3 AA batteries which aren't supplied.
The only bit I had difficulty on was putting the seat together, for some reason I was either not getting the instructions clearly or the marker on my seat was wrong because when I followed the instructions my seat turned out backwards! but it was easy enough to work out how it was supposed to be!
I have to say with  the toys, I was a bit dissapointed with the peek-a-boo tiger - it doesn't pop up very far at all and the rainbow bit with the rotating sun has all the screw holes on the side that faces baby - might just be personal preferance but would have liked these to be on the side that faces out instead as my baby seems to like trying to lick the screw holes!

The light up and sounds part all come from one bit on the tray - looking at the box it gives the impression that the sounds come from other areas as it shows musical notes coming out of the animals suspended above baby. The box and instructions also detail a bead bar - my model didn't have this the same as the box and after speaking to a few other mums - neither did theirs.

The music can either be on a 5 min activation or a short burst and has 2 volume levels - Mine is set on the lower level and the music is nowhere near as annoying as other toys!

The seat can be adjusted to 3 heights - while you are on height 1 for small babies - they can't quite reach the animals dangling above their heads but my baby mastered bouncing straight away and after a few goes, learnt how to move the seat round himself. Suitable for babies who can support their own heads - My baby is 4 months and enjoys being in this for about 40 mins before he gets tired/bored compared to only 10 mins in his door frame bouncer.

The base can clip in to itself a little bit to make it a bit smaller to store or move but it doesn't really make much of a difference so be prepared to have the jumperoo take pride place in your living room!
Overall my baby loves it and I'm pleased I bought it! Was easy enough to build and the toys and music seem to engage my baby!

Shop for a jumperoo now (prices correct at time of publishing this article) don't forget to get your kidstart cashback from most of the below retailers!
 -Babies R Us £67.99
-Mothercare £84.99
-Tesco £94.99
-Boots £94.99
-Littlewoods £110
-GreatUniversal £110

or second hand from ebay.

Emma in Bromley x

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