Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Battle of Bathtime! How my baby went from hating bathtime to loving it!

By the time Baby was 9 weeks old, I was starting to really struggle with bathtime! Each and every bath had resulted in hysterical tears from Baby, he did not like baths one little bit.
We were attempting to do a bath every other day with a top and tail wash on the inbetween days and I tried all sorts of tricks to try and get Blake enjoying his baths!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

NCT Nearly New sale, Bromley, 26th September 2009

Upcoming Event!

On Saturday 26th September 2009, the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) will be holding one of their popular Nearly New Sales, where you can pop along and buy baby clothes, toys and equipment from parents in second hand but good condition. Pick up a bargain and beat the credit crunch!

At the United Reform Church, Widmore Road - Next to Boots and the bus stop!
From 11am until 12pm

Read more on the NCT website -

See you there!

Emma in Bromley

Monday, 7 September 2009

Mother and Baby Group, Southview Surgery, Bromley, travelling abroad with your baby

My GP's surgery (Southview) is running a mother and baby group for new mummy's - it's run by the health visitors, Sarah and Angela who are both lovely!

Today was the first session, it's every monday in September and today we spoke about travelling abroad with our babies.

Highlights include
 - if your baby is formula fed, you can make up your feeds with bottled water as long as the seal is intact and the sodium level is low, brands such as Evian should be OK
- smother your baby in sunblock (the highest factor you can find such as factor 50 from mothercare) and keep applying it every hour.
- If your baby goes swimming in the pool or sea, wash your baby's skin as soon as baby is out of the water as both seasalt and chlorine are abrasive and can irritate your baby's skin
- make sure your travel insurance covers your baby too.
- if your baby needs a drink of water, take a travel kettle with you and boil bottled water and leave to cool. If outside temperature reaches over 30 degrees, breastfed babies may also need a drink of water too.
-If flying, feed your baby on take off and landing to help equalise baby's ears, and if you are travelling alone and need to go to the loo, always get a crew member to keep an eye on your baby as all crew members have had their police/criminal checks, and even if the person sat next to you seems like the nicest person in the world - you just don't know!

The session was a great way to meet other local mums with their babies and had a good social atmosthere we all had a good chat.
Other weeks will be covering, weaning, sleep, play and development.

Check with your GP's surgery to see if they are also running classes too!

Emma in Bromley

Sunday, 6 September 2009

baby visits Soho House, London, & Mamas and Papas

It was decided that I would take Baby into central London to meet hubby from work.
It was the first time I had attempted the train and London alone with baby so I took the maxi cosi car seat attached to the bugaboo wheels as it was too hot for the sling and the pram top is quite large for commuter trains!

It was also somone's leaving drinks so hubby had mentioned popping in for one quick drink in soho, "somewhere on Greek Street" so there I am still in Maternity jeans - which, by the way, are too baggy but I'm still too big for my normal jeans and a maternity top so I can breastfeed and hide my mummy tummy...

Baby looks adorable in a cute little outfit and baby trainers.

The train journey was ok, baby jumped every time the doors opened and there wasn't anywhere to fit the pram but the train was fairly empty so was manageable. The train pulled into central London at 4pm and there were quite a few commuters waiting to get on the train - I had to say "excuse me please" four times before there was enough room to get off the train and through the commuters waiting to board - it was a bit of a struggle to get the pram off the train and nobody helped! I said "all these people and no one helps!" and it was like I was invisible!

Walking through Soho was easier than I thought but even with a baby, black cabs and cyclists are still keen to run you over, fail to signal and block crossings!

Met hubby, showed off baby to his head office and then it was time for a feed - for all of us! I haven't got the hang of breastfeeding in public yet so we went to Mamas and Papas regent street - there is a back entrance on Argyll street which is where the lift is up to the Cafe, it was virtually empty so we got a table in a corner which was perfect and as it's in Mamas and Papas, I didn't feel uncomfortable breast feeding! Food was great, good menu for lite bites and snacks - and there is a childrens menu too!
Next too the Cafe are baby change and feeding rooms - and I'm pleased to say they have the lovely feeding chairs in them that Mamas and Papas sell so get comfy if you don't fancy breastfeeding in the Cafe! (and take note Mothercare and your horrible hard feeding bench - stick a proper feeding chair in your rooms!)

This is when hubby decided to tell me we were going to Soho House for a drink! - to be fair to him, he didn't know what sort of place it was! I've been before but for a conference!

First thought - Oh my god - soo many stairs and no lift, carrying the bugaboo could be hard!
Second thought - Can we take baby in!
Third thought - I look more like a slummy mummy than a yummy mummy in baggy maternity jeans and top!

Firstly, Hubby carried the pram up the first flight of stairs and the staff were lovely and looked after it for us!
Secondly, Of course babies are allowed - it's used by celebs as a party venue for their babies!
Thirdly, Because of baby, nobody actually noticed what I was wearing - babies seem to be the best distraction technique for when you have an "ugly day"!

I have to say, I had the best virgin cocktail/mocktail I've ever had! Virgin vanilla and apple mojito - simply delish!

I'm pleased to say, baby seems to enjoy the high life! had a great time in one of London's best private members bars and showed everyone that life still goes on when you have a baby! I went in feeling like a slummy mummy but having had a great time socialising, showing off my baby and drinking lovely mocktails, I left feeling like a yummy mummy!

Emma in Bromley