Thursday, 21 May 2009

Maternity Clothes in Bromley

When I first started to need maternity clothes, I had a hard time finding them in Bromley but it just turned out that I needed to look harder!

Next - On Bromley high street. Towards the back of the store currently on the left hand side, there is a small stand with a selection of Maternity clothes - good for basic jeans and tees with the odd fashion piece thrown in.

Dorothy Perkins - On Bromley high street. Again, currently on the left towards the back of the store is a small stand with Maternity clothes, good for Jeans and black trousers.

Topshop - On Bromley high street. The store guide lists maternity as being on the ground floor - this is incorrect, it's actually upstairs near the lingerie. It's on a small pod which keeps moving around but is usually close to a stand of pyjamas! Good for leggings, bump bands and fashion pieces.

Mothercare - On Bromley high street. On the ground floor towards the back of the store is quite a large collection of maternity clothes, good for jogging bottoms and comfy clothes. Mothercare also have a good selection of maternity/nursing bras, along with maternity sleepwear and swimwear.

H&M's - The Glades, Bromley. On the top floor between menswear and womens plus size collection is an area of 2 stands which have maternity fashion pieces, great for skirts, casual trousers and tops.

M&S - The Glades, Bromley. surprisingly, doesn't carry maternity clothes, however in the lingerie department upstairs, there is a good choice of Maternity and Nursing bras.

Pumpkin Patch - The Glades, Bromley. Has just started to stock a very small collection of maternitywear on the right hand side near the entrance, good for wrap around tops.

Debenhams - The Glades, Bromley. I heard from a friend that maternity wear is stocked in this branch, however, I haven't managed to find it and I asked 3 members of staff on different occasions who said they don't carry it.

Surprisingly, Zara, Gap, Newlook and M&S don't carry their maternity collections in the Bromley stores and LaSenza in Bromley doesn't stock nursing/maternity bras.

Newlook is good for wide fit cheap flat shoes for if you get swollen feet, Primark is good for £2 nighties and £6 dressing gowns for giving birth in - likely to get covered in blood and stuff!

Emma in Bromley

Update - Just spotted Maternity clothes in Debenhams - new post.


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  3. Finding the right maternity clothes was a complete pain when I was pregnant - I could never find a pair of maternity jeans that didn't fall down for example, just couldn't understand it! Male designers.


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